wain (wain) wrote in pittjohnstown,

Welcome to Orientation

If you've found this, welcome to the community.

In the true college spirit, use it to drink, post, and be merry.

As I get a chance over the next week I'll be updating the page layout, color scheme, and icons.

In the mean time, here's some comedy gold for you, entitled "Pride in UPJ".

Seriously though, double D, you represented in that video.
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Analog Underground is going to be the biggest thing since flushing toilets ... mark my words.
That video made my head hurt. Pride in UPJ...sigh...I noticed the emphasis again on how great the engineering "technology" program is, but they failed to mention that many states and employers don't hold engineering "technology" programs on the same level. I found that out the hard way (with a huge cut in my pay...we are talking thousands...I also catch hell weekly at work). Not to mention I talked to Jerry Samples about this and he told me that he knows it is a problem and they are trying to get real engineering degrees there...yeah Samples, thanks for telling me after I graduate...that information would have helped years ago when I was picking a college and yous guys were telling me how technology programs are better you buttmunch.

And don't get me started on the RA system there. Oh man, damn that school. The worst thing is, I fell for their lies about the technology program and gave tours and told future students that it was great...I am going to burn in hell for that one. Damnit, I got myself all fired up again. There is little in this world that gets me more fired up than the goddamn UPJ's RA system (matt mazonki or whatever was chosen over me as an RA...I got nothing against him but he was in the video and hit that goddamn nerve...oh crap, I feel a rant coming on...must...hold...back) and "technology" program.

And they say that Johnstown (the city) is "affordable"...maybe because...I don't know...there aren't any real jobs. But I guess I am probably not saying anything that anyone who stumbled here wouldn't know already. Oh well, I graduated in four years and I have a job, I guess that is all that really matters.

Oh yeah, safest school around (i am dissapointed in Pia [or is it pya?] and her parents for that remark)...no rapes or people lighting jeeps on fire...nope nope nope. It kills me how fast they cleaned up the burnt jeep...only about a dozen people really knew it happened till the pictures emerged.

ok...setttle down...deep breaths...ok, better. Ok, maybe not, but oh well.
Loved the video... and I love my MET degree. It got me a job with International Truck and Engine Company as one of 5 school bus engineers. Don't cut-up on UPJ.
Heh, if ever there was a man who could turn a schoolbus into a hot rod, that man is you Josh.

Gratz on the new gig.
Yeah, I can cut up on upj, but I have a reason. I understand that it all worked out for you and that is great, but this is how it worked for me and this is my opinion based on how I have been treated due to my "technology" degree.

I had no problems with the professors or the education. I feel I got a good one, but many companies do not recognize Technology degrees as real engineering degrees. Like I said, they never said it before I went there, but Jerry Samples (the head of the program) told me that it is still a problem and they were trying to get real engineering and he said he would add my comments to his growing list of why UPJ should get real engineering. I kid you not, I called him to discuss this when I found out that I made a lot less than all the other engineers at the Corps of Engineers who had regular engineering degrees. I realized this out three months after I started working here. I made about $7,000 less my first year $9,000 less my second year and this is my third year where I make $4,000 less because I have a technology degree. The only reason they considered me for the job (due to the technology degree) was that I had passed the FE exam. Other engineering majors just had to graduate with a 2.95 and they were already ahead of me. Even "agricultural engineering majors" are considered to be "civil engineers" and make more than me.

So over three years I missed out on $20,000 (before taxes). I don't know about you, but that is a good reason for me to have issues with UPJ. I guess after this year, I catch up with the other engineers, and any more my future jobs will be based on experience, but that extra $20,000 bothers me...not to mention the fact that the guys at work found out about all of this and I get jabbed about once a week with "oh yeah, you wouldn't know, you went to tech school" and "what did you do? Get your degree online?"...just the other day it was brought up that I probably got a free bucket of chicken with my degree.

So I do think I received a good education, but I don't want others who might watch this video to listen to them say that they have one of highest rated "technology" degrees as if that means something. It might to some companies, but there is still a stigma attached to technology degrees with many employers that I want everyone to know about.

Plus, my last year there they were putting three people in the freshman dorms instead of two. That is no way to live.

So, I actually liked upj till I found out that the "technology" degree isn't considered up to par with many companies and when I heard that they would put three people in thre freshman dorms...this was after I gave many tours saying that there would only be two per room. Actually, the dorms at upj was the deciding factor for me to go to UPJ. That gave me a rotten feeling that my enthusiasm for UPJ might have swayed someone to get a "tech" degree there (ok, it isn't a bad degree, but I don't want anyone to get the old shaftola like I did) or have one show up on their first day to a small room with two roommates.

Other than that...I flew off the handle after watching the video. I still get fired up about the tech stuff and other minor things, but UPJ isn't a bad place. I take back all negative comments except for the tech degree stuff.
I've "flown?" off the handle about stuff too, so I guess I can't say too much. I just appreciate the disclaimer.
Yeah, what's wrong with UPJ? I love the weather here.

*dives out of window and wades to class*
Can't leave campus life can ya?
In-teresting. Am I the only person to graduate who didn't know a single word in that damn song? (Never mind-- I'm not the kind of alumni they interview for these sorts of things anyway...) :~P

So tell me, is Dean Strezmpka (or however the heck you spell it!) still around?
Dean Strzmpka (I think that's how he spelled his name) retired my sophomore year, which would have 1999-2000. I haven't heard from him in a long, long, time. He was a good professor too. I don't even know if his secretary, Gladys is still working there, but she was back in 2002. I miss campus life more now that I'm out in the real world. Hell I remember being ecxstatic though when my then boyfriend and I got a dinky apartment at Kinamrock. It wasn't any better than the freshman dorms though. And no I don't remember that damn song.
Although the posts on this subject are very old, I feel the need to comment on the MET vs. ME degree, and specifically the UPJ degree. I graduated from there in 1993 back in the days of Paul Saylor, John Klavuhn, James Bandstra, Bill Weiserman, etc. Let me tell you, nobody passed with flying colors in Pauls Saylor's class...he was TOUGH to say the least. You leave units off the answer and you got dinged for it. I think Paul died of cancer in 1995 or so. I can tell you that the program there is an exceptionally good one. They use the same texts as are used by other major universities like UC and Purdue. A very good pass rate on the EIT out of UPJ, in fact at the time I was there it was higher than most straight ME programs. Unfortunately, I have also run across the people who assume the MET degree is somethong out of the local Vo-Tech school. These people stand high and mighty behind their ME degrees, yet could not tell you the difference between a MIG or a TIG welder if their life depended on it. I've worked for one such noted "rectum" as recently as last year. He was a VP and I was a director of Product Management and he felt the need to tell the Engineering Director that I didn't have a real engineering degree nor did I go to the real Pitt. Funny how he never brought up the fact that I have an MBA from Xavier and it is currently ranked 18th in the country for the MBA. Considering I wasn't even in an Engineering role I found it amusing that he felt the need to tell others about my Engineering degree and attempt to put me down.

My advice to people making negative comments on the MET degree or Pitt Johnstown in general is this. You need to look to yourself as the reason you might not be getting paid what you think you're worth. A degree is a degree is a degree...it gets you in the door and you have to prove yourself with an MET, ME, MBA or Phd for that matter. No employer is just going to give you raises based on your degree alone. It takes hard work. I'll give you an example, when I came out of UPJ on my first job in 1994 I was paid $28,000 per year. Last year I made $138,000 and I'm now 40 years old. Except for my last supervisior, I never had anybody cutting on my MET degree while I worked as an engineer and I always received top raises. Again, it goes back to hard work.

If people pay you no respect or feel the need to make comments about your degree, confront them about it. My past boss was a graduate of Michigan State and he had the leadership skills and vision of an 8th grader. His management skills were the poorest I have seen anywhere, specifically for a VP. In short, he is simply riding the backs of others to get his money. Pay no attention to the comments these types make. If you know you're educated well, simply use it and prove yourself in the workplace and the rest will fall into line.