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Pitt Johnstown

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Welcome to a first shot at creating LiveJournal home for Pitt Johnstown.

This is an open community.  Any current or prospective students, as well as alumni and professors are welcome to join and post.

Please note that this LJ is not officially associated with or endorsed by the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, or any of the campus staff.

That said, feel free to post or rant about any topics vaguely related to UPJ.  Anything from class questions, to promoting your campus band, to weekly specials a Littles, to claiming that a thorough smothering of Franks Red Hot is the only way you can survive cafeteria food; is open game for discussion here.

Remember, college is about more than just what you learn in the classroom.  :D

If you have questions about the community, contact the moderator: wain.  I'm solo moderating at the moment, but will add more if the demand requires it.  Please avoid being a complete asshat, otherwise I do reserve the right to bust out the ban stick.  I am a pretty big proponent of free speech though, so don't worry about that too much.  If you're in doubt about posting something, just remember lj-cut is your friend.

Finally, visit Pitt's other campus LJ's at pittkiddies, upg_kids, and pittgreensburg.