Sugar Cookie (azureskyy) wrote in pittjohnstown,
Sugar Cookie

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this is crap

Did anyone else hear that the biggest waste of my time freshman year aka "The College" has changed to "Freshman Seminar" and is now worth 1 credit? I got a big honking 0 credits for sitting through that class.
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The hell?!?!

I can't believe they're offering a credit for that BS.

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September 23 2005, 23:25:01 UTC 11 years ago

i didnt pass the college. hahaha. it didnt stop me from graduating though!!



October 27 2006, 15:27:52 UTC 10 years ago

i always check out to hear other college stories like that. it's garbage sometimes what schools put you through for nothing! is a funny site tho, it has other random crap too, you should check it out in your procrastination time. on the site it says that in less than a month it will have drink specials from cities all over the country for every night of the week. awesome!