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glb*T* resources in U of Pittsburgh at Johnstown or surrounding area?

I have a friend who works at U of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. A student came out to her as transgender, telling her how isolated they felt on campus and in the surrounding area. I don't want to give much information about the student as I am unaware to how out they are in their life.

My friend asked me for resources to pass on, but I am unfamiliar with that area. Please let me know what support groups/community groups/GLBT *ANYTHING* you know of in the area or on that campus. All I have been able to find is a Johnstown PFLAG.

Thank you.

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It's sad but there really isn't much. National Coming Out day is the 11th of October and there will be a big event surrounding that where this individual can find some alliances I'm sure. Also there is a group of students who are working to start a GSA or similar organization soon. That might be a place to start getting some kind of support system on campus and I know that if this person spoke to any of them about attending or even helping with establishing the group they would be thrilled about that. Another resource is their RAs. They are all able to point them in the direction of these other activities as well as be a supportive, confidental, listener and friend. I hope this all helps you and this friend.
Could you give the contact info for the individuals who are interested in starting a GSA? My friend who is on the staff at UPJ is interested in starting one, too. The student who came out to her too would probbaly benefit form the information-- my frien would pass it on to the student.
I was going to tell you the same thing gwen_smokey said. They have a facebook group. All you need is a college email address to have a facebook and it's free so any student, faculty or staff member can have one easily. That is the biggest way they are working right now. I actually will be a part of it though at this point I'm not actually part of the planning but I can keep you in mind and up to date about where and when the first meeting will be. It sounds like they will be planning it within the next week. Otherwise I know Professor Darling is going to be the faculty sponsor so he may be the person to get in touch with. Hope this helps!
Also, the student does not live on-campus; their home is nearby and they commute, so the RAs do not apply to them.
there's a upj GLBT group on facebook if your friend is on facebook.
my sophomore year (i'm a senior), i was in a gay-straight alliance up here with all of...3 other people. but the group on facebook is gathering some followers. i personally would love to meet some glbt people, upj folk can be so bland. (no offense if you're reading this and you go to upj and you're not bland. lol.)
No, the student is not on Facebook. However, my friend who works at UPJ is interested in starting a GSA... maybe you would like to bring that up at the Facebook group?
well. that's what the group's about. like, it is a GSA, kinda. they don't really have meetings, though, but they're planning an activity for coming out day. but the student should join facebook, because it's a nice way to find familiar faces on campus, even if you don't put in your orientation. (like i don't have mine in my profile.)
This is student is not "college age", they are an older, commuter student. I don't know if they have access to a computer or know how to utilize the internet.

My friend who works at UPJ wants to help start something that would support students as she has more than one student tell her how isolated they felt. If anyone si interested in that or if that already exists via Facebook maybe they'd like to hook up with her (my friend)?
If they have a university e-mail, then they can be on facebook. I'm pretty sure all of the Pitt campuses give them out to all their students.
www.gocollegiate.com is a safe place for college students to talk about their problems. it's like a free psychologist session every time i go there, it's refreshing and fun.